Based on worldwide experience, Ritter extensive range of products covers any air requirement in a modern dental clinic - no matter whether the clinic has one or more dental units.

Ritters clean oil-less Compressors supply 100% oil-free air to the dental office environment. Ritter
guarantees the clean, dry air you expect from a high performance drying system.

compressors-basic-2Filters for steril air and medical air are available. Ritter actually offers one of the largest dental Compressor´s range from 0,75 HP to 4 HP. The Compressors are designed for heavy duty cycle.

Silence versions are available in cabinets.

We're focused entirely on your needs as a dental professional:

  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • many different models available

valuable  |  reliable  |  variable


Advantages of RITTER Basic Air Compressors

Difference to European air compressors

  • Oil-less and quite silent
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pressure adjustable
  • Safe operating
  • Auto stop and restart
  • Air tank internal surface epoxy treatment
  • Normal working time is min. 20.000 hours without maintenance
  • Thermally protected
  • Lower noise level
  • More compact layout, smart design
  • More competitive price